Are you looking for lowest-cost finance for a second-hand machine?

Various financing options are available to purchase a construction machine. One financing model involves a down payment, monthly instalments and a final payment (balloon financing). Once you have made the final payment the machine is yours. Another option is a buy-back agreement with the dealer, in which case you do not own the machine; you pay only for the period of usage. The machine is returned after the agreed time, usually without any problems arising, although the buyer is responsible for any damage to the machine.

The decision should not be based on the instalments alone. Calculate the actual overall costs and then decide whether this financing option is best for your specific circumstances.

Our value calculation assumes a depreciation factor of 1.8% per month. This value is an adequately exact basis on which to estimate the resale value (dealer’s purchase price). You can calculate the exact dealer’s purchase value for a construction machine at The dealer will always set the final instalment lower than this value because the residual value serves as a security for precisely this final instalment!





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